There is something I've been meaning to ask you...

I am so excited about these as they have been a long time in the making as I wanted to get them just right and I wasn't really sure if they would do very well. I have gone ahead and released my first batch of question scratchcards! 4 different options have been released into the wild so far. These are, will you be my bridesmaid, will you be my maid of honour and will you be my flower girl. The fourth, is a personalised option where you can write your own question, be it something simple (but nerve wracking) will you move in with me, right down to the wonderfully life changing, will you marry me?

Everything on the card was drawn by hand and then scanned, and redrawn digitally (all but the actual question as I need to edit that quickly). As you may already know, I love drawing flowers so jumped at the chance to add a few more to my collection. The 'there is something' text was also previously hand drawn from my original wedding cards. So you can be rest assured that no one else has any of the elements from these cards. The image below was a quick snap that I made to show my Facebook likers how close my artwork was to the original drawing and to share a little bit of my design process.

I wanted to make sure that I didn't use EXACTLY the same colour palette as my previous bridesmaid style cards and in doing so, I created 5 new ones! These cards are available in grey & pink, mint green & pink, baby blue & pink, purple & pink and orange & pink! Personally the grey and mint are my current favourites!

If you would like to know a bit more about these or have a look at the other colours and options on offer then feel free to have a browse of my Etsy store. These can easily be located in the 'cards' section should you want super quick access. I hope you like them!

Polar Bear Wrapping Paper

After a lot of umming and aaahing and fund raising through a market night on Facebook, this finally arrived. My polar bear wrapping paper. It is something that I have always wanted to do, but never had the means to do it. So this year, I finally took the scary plunge and ordered some in for Christmas.

It all began as an idea I had whilst sitting in a little Austrian cafe at the base of a mountain we were skiing on. It started as one bear, but then I couldn't just have one because he would be lonely, then he ended up with a whole heap of friends. Some were wearing hats, some bow ties and some even had flowers in their fur.

A few weeks later I decided to start my preparation for Christmas 2015 and decided that they all needed winter hats and scarves instead. I couldn't have cold polar bears now could I? I do love creating repeat patterns and this one in particular is probably one of my favourites to date.

I couldn't be happier with the quality of the smooth matt paper and the lovely grosgrain ribbon. I've listed it in my shop with a variety of pack sizes just in time for you to plaster all your gifts in polar bears. I know that's what I'll be doing!

You & Your Wedding

This year I started to make something that I've always wanted to do and was to make cards. I had sketchbooks with design after design in them and I've started to pull them out turn them into actual products.

A few months ago I designed some that I've been wanting to do for so long. Obviously they involved flowers and a spot of hand lettering. These cards are of course wedding cards. I made them for bridesmaids, flower girls, maids of honour and the occasional bridesman and chief bridesmaid. They came in two versions, 'will you be' and 'thank you for being' and come in a choice of 3 colours. I think that it's fair to say these are my most favourite cards to date.

Here is an example of the cards and the original drawing that they came from. It's always really handy to have the original drawing on the computer too, so that you can use it for reference, or, like me, use it to draw over.

It would seem that all that hard work is beginning to pay off because something super exciting has happened. A lovely lady contacted me to let me know that my bridesmaid card had been featured in You & Your Wedding magazine. As you can imagine I was absolutely over the moon. Not only was it nice to be seen in print next some amazing people that I am huge fans, but it gave me a much needed confidence boost for the end of the week. I am now going to put that boost to good use and finish off some other card designs lying around on my desktop waiting for their time to shine. So there we are, there's the long winded way of telling you all about my little bit of happy for today.

Spring Wishlist 2015

It's that time of year again and Blog & Buy Sale have released their Spring Wishlist. As usual, I'm part of the line up with a handful of wedding and Father's Day cards, but you don't want to know about me. I want to introduce you to 4 new designer makers that I have chosen as my favourites from this list.

First up we have Littlebirdy designs who creates the most beautiful watercolour paintings of birds and birds eggs. This is the kind of gift wrap that is so pretty that you can't bare to use it.

Next up I have chosen this smiley, happy print by Jen Roffe because I absolutely love a bit of hand drawn typography. Not only that but she's used one of my favourite colour combinations too.

Another thing I am massively in love with is Mountains. Especially the snow covered type. So this print by Jess Mikhail pretty much summed up all my feelings towards them in one happy print!

And lastly, I've chosen this upcycled chair by Handsome Vintage. Just the fact it has animals painted on it, sold it to me. Who wouldn't want to sit on an old school chair with a big friendly giraffe and two bears painted on it?

So, those are my choices! But don't take my word for it. Pop over and check the rest of the list out for yourself. As usual there are a lot of lovely products over there waiting to be discovered!

To do lists and procrastination

You may have noticed that I haven't been here much and for that I am very sorry. You see, if it's one thing I'm good at it, it's procrastinating. I've had good intentions to come over and write to you believe me. It's been on my to do list for some time. But, the truth is, I never know what to say and other things just get in the way.

Today, whilst doing my rounds of liking things on Facebook and gulping down a cup of tea before I got on with more important things like editing photos for a new set of cards I am about to release, I came across a blog post by Megan Tucker Illustration. All about my favourite past time... working from home and procrastinating. It was actually this post that prompted me to pull my finger out and get on with things today. Everything about her post rang true. Facebook is a time thief and having big lists are scary and you seem to pick the easy things to do first, leaving the hardest and most important until last.

So, after reading her post I was all ready and raring to go and actually accomplished more than I thought I would today (thanks Megan!) At the same time I realised that my old to do list that separated the most important things from the not so important things (can be seen here), wasn't really helping me in the long run. You see, I have a day job and a pretty labour intensive and tiring one at that. So, when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is a bit fat list of big important tasks. So I do all the easy ones and then have a mini melt down when I only have big scary ones left.

This is where Megan's 'chunk it down' approach came in. I have created two new to do lists which have now been listed over on my Little Hawk store front.

Firstly, I have created a Daily to do list which you can chop in half so that you have two and doesn't waste as much paper. You will see that there isn't as many points on this list compared to my 'important things' one. This is deliberate in trying to make sure that the things I want to achieve that day are manageable and within reach.

And secondly, I created a weekly planner so that you can spread the bigger tasks over one week just to make things a little easier. I find this approach works really well for me when I have a week off of the day job and have lots of accomplish. It helps you realise what you can do in the time available. I also added a little 'week starting' box so that if you do these weekly it is easy to see what was done and when.

It's amazing that actually being naughty and browsing Facebook when I shouldn't have been led me to Megan's blog post and gave me the kick up the bum I needed to get on with things. New to do lists in hand, I'm hoping to have a very productive weekend! If you haven't seen Megan's beautiful work before, please pop over to her website or visit her Facebook page, you won't be disappointed.

A little update

The last few weeks have been a little busy over here to say the least. As we all know its very nearly Christmas and everyone has been doing their shopping, which, has kept me from updating this page for you.

In the time since I updated last a few new things have happened! Did you see the post below this one about the Blog and Buy Sale Christmas Wish List 2014? Well, I just so happened to make it into Crispin Finn's wish list! How lovely is that?

Seeing this was a well needed confidence boost and it was so nice to be featured along side some really great products and fantastic designer makers.

Not only have I been super busy making and packing orders but I have also managed to squeeze in some design time to create a few new cute pocket mirrors. These are perfect for people who love sewing, textiles, crafts or just love buttons (I can think of a few people!). Theres a personalised version and then 3 plain versions in different colour ways.

I have already added these to my store so they are good to go! I will be adding something a little extra to them in time for mothers day.

Another little thing that I'm very proud of at the moment is my new brand Little Hawk. Little Hawk is a one stop download shop where you can pick up instantly downloadable printables to print and use at home. There's no waiting around for things to be delivered. Just use as and when you need them.

There a few pieces over there for your social media and there are plenty of items for Christmas too. I have Santa/father Christmas letters, a place mat to pop on Santa's snacks on Christmas eve and even a warning letter from the big man himself if your little ones are being a little bit naughty in the run up to the big day.

I've also been designing some wedding stationery for a very lovely customer but I can't show that to you because I haven't got permission yet. So you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled!

And lastly, I've joined a new social network! It's a little something called Tsu (pronounced Sue). It's quite like Facebook but instead of showing you what it thinks you want to see, you can see it all. Nothing is hidden and I quite like that. So if you're on it, pop over and lets be friends!

Blog & Buy Sale Christmas Wish List - Top 5 Picks

The 2014 Christmas wish list over on blog & buy sale has gone live and I am lucky enough to have 3 products in there! It's fair to say that I'm in VERY company. Every time a new list is published it gets better and better and is filled to the brim with talented designers and creative people. 

It's been a tough choice but as always I like to choose my top 5 and tell you all a little bit about them. It gets harder and harder every time but here we go!

These lovely pots instantly caught my eye. They are hand thrown and are available in English and Welsh and 4 different colours. I have a thing for duck egg blue at the moment so these would be my colour of choice. You can buy them here.

Give me sunshine yellow any day of the week! It's one of those happy colours and this plate is just that, happy. I don't think I could bare to eat my dinner off of it though. I would put it on the wall just to smile at. Pop over here to buy this lovely bone china plate.

This absolutely brilliant and is just my type of card. I don't take Christmas seriously, like at all. I'm bit of a bah hum bug really. I love cards with silly, slightly insulting sentiments on them. They're just light hearted fun really. If you want know someone this would be perfect for, pop over here.

I love anything to do with the sky (and woodlands but thats another area altogether). I've been eyeing these up for so long and the cloud wrapping paper for that matter but if I buy anymore mugs I will get in trouble because I already have far too many. There is also a moon phases one available (that one is my absolute fave). I wonder if I can sneak one into my cupboard... If you fancy sneaking one into yours pop over here.

As mentioned above, another one of my favourites is woodlands so this was the perfect final addition to my top 5. This beautiful tray is Handmade in Sweden from Scandinavian birch wood, and certified according to FSC-standard. Anna also makes lovely cushions, prints and stationery! Pop over here for a browse.

Want to browse the rest of the goodies for sale over on the Christmas Wish List? Of course you do, pop over here to visit the goodness!