What's on your desk?

Hello again, I haven't vanished, I promise! 

It's been another week since I managed to update this blog which is a little naughty after I set this up to try and blog a little more regularly. However, I have had good reasons I promise. One of them being my little shop. It's kept me rather busy this week which is a good thing. Not only that but I've been waiting to buy some new reading material to try and help me create posts that nice people like you will actually want to read. 

During today's down pour I ran from the car into my local W H Smith and scoured the shelves for all the special editions that Mollie Makes have recently published. After a lot of face pulling and trying to decide what I really wanted I went for Mollie Makes: Blogging - The Big Guide To Creative Content and Mollie Makes: Photography - Craft . Style . Shoot . Share

I haven't actually time to sit down and read both yet but just from flicking through them in the car I saw a lot of things that grabbed my attention that I must without a doubt go back and read. There are tips on marketing through most of the social media platforms and great blogging tips (which I think I could do with to be honest!)

This then lead me onto my desk, as, I had actually been out buying some new shelving units because you can't see my desk through all the paperwork. I love being nosey at other peoples desks and wondered what you have on yours? The best items on mine at the moment are these two magazines, colourful gel pens (who wants boring colours rights?) and a lovely bar of galaxy which is my little treat for when I eventually manage to tick a few more items off of the to do list! So what's on your desk? What couldn't you do with out?

Hello there!

Hello again! Welcome to my new refreshed blog. Since you last saw me (Mr Fox) I have changed blogging platforms and will soon have a fancy new url.

On this blog you will find a variety of things. There will be posts about work in progress, completed projects, things I may need your opinion on, bits about my shop including discounts and coupon codes, things that I generally find interesting and most importantly the odd free download for you guys!

But for now I have a few tweaks to make and then we are good to go! Yippeee!