Happy Planets

Let's start this week with a bit of happy because lets face it, Monday's aren't exactly everyone's favourite day of the week. They definitely aren't my favourite.

Last week I managed to finally get these little happy things listed in my NOTHS and Etsy shop and are both available as pocket mirrors or magnets. Everyone needs a little happy to carry around with them and so I made some pocket size pieces for just when you need some. They also fit my little motto just right: 'happy design for happy people'. Do you think I've said happy enough times yet?

Blog and Buy Sale - Summer Wish List Top Picks

Earlier this week the blog and buy sale summer wish list went live and as usual I entered a couple products into the list (I'm yet to miss one, even though I almost forgot this one!). Here I have featured my tooth fairy receipts (top row), personalised ombre hen party badges (middle row) and my personalised thank you teacher pocket mirror (bottom row).

There really are some cracking products from lots of small businesses over there and I've tried to whittle it down to my top 5 picks but it's so hard do that when there is so much talent. Anyway, these are my personal favourites in no particular order:

'Statement earrings featuring a stylised trees with a little bird and a little fox on the other side. Soldered within a hand forged irregular open circle for an organic feel and finished with a lovely frosted texture which has a subtle sparkle and is slightly rough to the touch.The overall diameter of each earring is approx. 4.4cm.'

I'm not usually one for jewellery as such because I'm not actually allowed to wear it to the day job so most of it just passes me by. But, I absolutely love anything to do with woodlands and the creatures that reside inside of them (even some of the ugly looking ones). So these were always going to catch my eye. The fact that the lines are not perfectly straight adds an element of charm and playfulness to them.

'Inspire someone with this original framed papercut. Featuring a farm-scape surrounding the quote "Every day is a good day, some are just better than others", this is hand cut from a sheet of white hammer paper. Measuring approx 7" x 7", the artwork is suspended over a sky blue textured paper, finished off beautifully in a white 10" x 10" box frame.'

Work that has an inspiring message behind can go a long away, especially if you're having one of 'those' days when nothing really goes as you want it too. Sometimes it's all you need to make you realise that maybe today hasn't been as bad as you think. 

'Juicy Mail is a set of 4 fruity gift cards.Each envelope can be peeled open like the fruit they represent. Once you write your greetings on the note card, put the card into the base of the envelope. Peel the adhesive strip and seal. The recipient will get the pure fun of peeling the envelope through the perforations. Perfect for party invitations!'

How great are these? I really love a quirky bit of stationary and this set really has raised the bar. It's not very often that I get happy post and these would most certainly be welcome, especially if you get to peel the letter open like an actual piece of fruit.

'Hello, we are Bread & Jam. We are a small creative team making fabulous things for your home and to give as gifts to friends and loved ones. Our philosophy is simple, take a really great quality basic and sweeten it up using our own designs.Whether our work is pattern or word based, our aim remains the same, we want you to pick up any of our pieces and raise a little smile.'

Did someone say adventure? YES PLEASE! There is nothing that makes me happier than visiting a new country, being stuck on the side of mountain in the crisp fresh air or wandering through woods and places that I have yet to explore. There is something about it that just gives you an extra boost of happy. Does anyone else feel that way or is it just me? Speaking of adventures, I need to hurry up and book my next one...

'This fabulous piece of statement art features 9 map locations of your choice from anywhere in the world. Or if you just like the idea of maps, any maps, allow us to choose for you. We'll select fine pieces based on colour and texture. Just tell us which map locations!'

I love love love this! Continuing with the previous theme of travel and adventure, this a fantastic alternative to the pins in the map scenario that I was thinking of doing. I know you only get 9 here but I would definitely set a side a wall for this and just fill it with all the lovely places that I have been and slowly build it up over time. Definitely a classy alternative to a standard wall map. The variety of textures, colours and density of the landscape would make a brilliant talking point. Unfortunately I can't make the image any bigger without it losing quality so if you want to see bigger you'll have to pop over to their site and check them out!

Okay, that's it! Those were my top picks but please go ahead and check out the rest of the wish list, you won't be disappointed and you might even find your next cheeky purchase. I hope you enjoyed my list. Have a great weekend guys! :)

How to turn your hobby into a business - guest post

This morning I had a lovely email from the folks at Printed.com to let me know that a guest post I had done for them has now gone live over on their blog!

I talk about how and why I started my own little business, the social media that I use and a few other little tips that I picked up along the way. I am by no means an expert and I'm still learning new things every day. It was a great opportunity just to let people know my story.

I won't give too much away here. So, if you fancy a little read just click here and you can have a read for yourself :)