Create and Thrive

Since the start of August I have been taking part in the Create and Thrive instagram challenge. Everyday you are prompted to share a different aspect of your business through picture form via your instagram feed. Some of the themes are pretty simple, work space, hands and sketchbook for example. Whilst some of the themes require a little more thought, action, vignette and in the world are a couple that took me a little longer to think about. Everyone who is taking part is using the hashtag #CTMonthInTheLife. It's a basically what the hashtag says, a month worth of images demonstrating how you go about your creative life.

It's actually quite a nice little challenge to be doing because I am sharing with my followers on instagram and my likers on Facebook little snippets behind the scenes. It helps to build up a trusting relationship with future customers and shows that I am not just another faceless organisation.

It is also really quite interesting to see how other creative business' function and just to be nosey at their spaces, materials and how they interpret the themes. 

If you want to catch up on the pictures that I have posted then you can either pop over to my Facebook page or view them on my Instagram timeline.