Blog & Buy Sale Christmas Wish List - Top 5 Picks

The 2014 Christmas wish list over on blog & buy sale has gone live and I am lucky enough to have 3 products in there! It's fair to say that I'm in VERY company. Every time a new list is published it gets better and better and is filled to the brim with talented designers and creative people. 

It's been a tough choice but as always I like to choose my top 5 and tell you all a little bit about them. It gets harder and harder every time but here we go!

These lovely pots instantly caught my eye. They are hand thrown and are available in English and Welsh and 4 different colours. I have a thing for duck egg blue at the moment so these would be my colour of choice. You can buy them here.

Give me sunshine yellow any day of the week! It's one of those happy colours and this plate is just that, happy. I don't think I could bare to eat my dinner off of it though. I would put it on the wall just to smile at. Pop over here to buy this lovely bone china plate.

This absolutely brilliant and is just my type of card. I don't take Christmas seriously, like at all. I'm bit of a bah hum bug really. I love cards with silly, slightly insulting sentiments on them. They're just light hearted fun really. If you want know someone this would be perfect for, pop over here.

I love anything to do with the sky (and woodlands but thats another area altogether). I've been eyeing these up for so long and the cloud wrapping paper for that matter but if I buy anymore mugs I will get in trouble because I already have far too many. There is also a moon phases one available (that one is my absolute fave). I wonder if I can sneak one into my cupboard... If you fancy sneaking one into yours pop over here.

As mentioned above, another one of my favourites is woodlands so this was the perfect final addition to my top 5. This beautiful tray is Handmade in Sweden from Scandinavian birch wood, and certified according to FSC-standard. Anna also makes lovely cushions, prints and stationery! Pop over here for a browse.

Want to browse the rest of the goodies for sale over on the Christmas Wish List? Of course you do, pop over here to visit the goodness!

Product Photography -

A little while ago, the lovely Alice Potter got in touch about an article she was writing for the blog and wanted to know a little bit about my product photography.

My photography has come along way since I started back in 2011. It's probably something to do with the fact that I'm never happy. I have re-taken my images several times and each time they have got better and better (I look forward to seeing how they progress over the next few years).

I gave Alice my top tips, well the things that I feel is the most important to help you get the most of your photos and camera. If you want a read pop over to the blog. She has also spoken to the amazing Holly Booth who takes some of the most beautiful product shots and Harriet Gray from Hello Harriet who makes cute illustrated goodies. It's worth a browse if you're looking to update your images or are in need of a few helpful tips.

Penguins & Polar Bears

This week I kicked off my 'little face' project. I wanted to make something for Christmas stocking fillers that wasn't entirely focused on Santa or Snow Men. So, instead of I opted for cute little penguins and a polar bear. There are boy and girl penguins and come in both grey or black. I must admit though, the polar bear is definitely my favourite. He is so simple yet very cute.

I'm hoping to slowly add to my little face range and I already have a cat sat on my desktop waiting for the finishing touches to be added. Are there any animals out there that you would like to see added to this collection? I already have a woodland creature set so I have to step away from those even though they are my favourite animals to draw. I'll get my thinking cap on!

As always, these little cuties have already been added to my shop if you fancy one!

IBRA BeeWorld Project - Guatemala

Yesterday I received an email from one of my lovely clients about on an on-going project that we've been working on for some time. Although this time, rather a list of amends or a new page to add I had a rather different file in my inbox. I received this simple photo:

This may not look like much but this really made me smile. This little boy is in Guatemala is happily filling in one page from the IBRA BeeWorld Project Education Pack that I spent countless hours and late nights working on.

All of that time converting block coloured flowers and bees into tiny little outlines for that one colouring page, all made worth it just by seeing these happy children. However, the BeeWorld Project isn't just about colouring in and drawing bee's. It's a lot more than that. It's about teaching the next generation about bee's, bee keeping, and conservation of bee's and their habitats. This is a little snapshot of some of the children in Guatemala who are taking part in Proyecto Santa Tomas.

Proyecto Santo Tomas
Located in: Guatemala 
"Proyecto Santo Tomas (PST) was founded by community member Nelson Morales, who has a big heart for his small pueblo and for the natural environment. In addition to a tree nursery he founded to reforest the hillsides, an after-school PE program for local children, and a small library he runs out of his house, Nelson took it upon himself to save the disappearing honey bees of Guatemala. With nothing but his own resourcefulness, Nelson founded a refuge in his backyard and began taking in unwanted bee colonies that would otherwise have been burned or cut down. He taught himself to care for the hives, and to responsibly harvest honey. He began a number of educational outreach initiatives in local schools and with farmer’s cooperatives to teach the community about the vital importance of honey bees to local agriculture and to the ecosystem overall. He visits neighbors to teach them to care for hives on their property and hosts community events to share his delicious organic honey and teach about bee conservation. Now with some support from a local social business, Soluciones Comunitarias, and IBRA, the movement is starting to take hold in the community. The project is small, but poco a poco, we hope will make a great difference for the honey bees of Huehuetenango, Guatemala!"

The BeeWorld Project is in two parts. There is the education pack, which is primarily aimed at children. It covers a wide range of ages and has something for everyone. There are simple matching activities, arty makes, word searches and even dances to learn. And then on the other hand there are pages full of information such as the different types of bee's, how honey is made and a full glossary of need to know terms.

If you work with children and would like to download a copy of the education pack then you can pop over here: and choose whether you would like the English, Welsh or Australian version of the pack.

Other than schools, the IBRA BeeWorld Project team are working with communities in the UK and internationally to gain a better knowledge of beekeeping and suitable habitats. They value all species of bee and their current programs are helping to educate the next generation, support bee conservation and habitats, promote global sustainability and are helping research scientists in developing countries get their voices heard.

If you would like more information on anything to do with the BeeWorld Project please pop over to the BeeWorld website. It's a wealth of information of how you can take part, donate or even have a look on the interactive map to see how other countries have got involved.

I look forward to seeing more updates like this popping into my inbox and thanks to IBRA for letting me share this with you all.

Monty the Penguin

Have you had a chance to see the new John Lewis advert? Oh my days, Monty the Penguin is absolutely lovely. Every year, John Lewis makes a beautiful advert that tugs at the heart strings but leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Who can forget the snow man going to buy his snow lady a gift? Or the bear who was going to miss Christmas because he was sleeping?

These are the sort of adverts that you won't forget in hurry. They're sweet, you want to keep watching and most importantly they're memorable. They are not the standard sell, sell, sell Christmas adverts. They get people talking and they're something you actually enjoy watching which doesn't usually happen.

John Lewis, you've done it again *high five* you clever lot!

Spicy Hen

My little badges seem to be doing the rounds at the moment not that I'm complaining one little bit! This time my whole collection have spread their wings and have landed over on the Spicy Hen Blog.

Spicy Hen are hen party planning experts and their website caters for a whole range of tastes, whether you're a night owl, creative type or someone who loves to be pampered, there is something to suit you. So, if you're in the process of planning your big night. Its worth a ganders. Not only that but Spicy Hen has an exclusive discount for my badge and mirror range. But you'll have to pop over to their blog to find it.

Very important bride - Save the date magazine

A few weeks ago I was asked by Save The Date Magazine to create some VIP badges for the VIP section of their 'wedding event with a difference'. And this is the outcome! I went down the dusty pink and purple floral route with a lovely border of illustrated flowers and the text set inside. I hope the brides liked them! These are now available in both my Etsy and NOTHS stores.

I have made them available as both badges and mirrors. These 'very important bride' mirrors or badges are the perfect gift for any bride to be. It will make her feel special and is perfect for letting others know how important she is on that all important hen party!