A little update

The last few weeks have been a little busy over here to say the least. As we all know its very nearly Christmas and everyone has been doing their shopping, which, has kept me from updating this page for you.

In the time since I updated last a few new things have happened! Did you see the post below this one about the Blog and Buy Sale Christmas Wish List 2014? Well, I just so happened to make it into Crispin Finn's wish list! How lovely is that?

Seeing this was a well needed confidence boost and it was so nice to be featured along side some really great products and fantastic designer makers.

Not only have I been super busy making and packing orders but I have also managed to squeeze in some design time to create a few new cute pocket mirrors. These are perfect for people who love sewing, textiles, crafts or just love buttons (I can think of a few people!). Theres a personalised version and then 3 plain versions in different colour ways.

I have already added these to my store so they are good to go! I will be adding something a little extra to them in time for mothers day.

Another little thing that I'm very proud of at the moment is my new brand Little Hawk. Little Hawk is a one stop download shop where you can pick up instantly downloadable printables to print and use at home. There's no waiting around for things to be delivered. Just use as and when you need them.

There a few pieces over there for your social media and there are plenty of items for Christmas too. I have Santa/father Christmas letters, a place mat to pop on Santa's snacks on Christmas eve and even a warning letter from the big man himself if your little ones are being a little bit naughty in the run up to the big day.

I've also been designing some wedding stationery for a very lovely customer but I can't show that to you because I haven't got permission yet. So you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled!

And lastly, I've joined a new social network! It's a little something called Tsu (pronounced Sue). It's quite like Facebook but instead of showing you what it thinks you want to see, you can see it all. Nothing is hidden and I quite like that. So if you're on it, pop over and lets be friends!