You & Your Wedding

This year I started to make something that I've always wanted to do and that was to make cards. I had sketchbooks with design after design in them and I've started to pull them out and turn them into actual products.

A few months ago I designed some that I've been wanting to do for so long. Obviously they involved flowers and a spot of hand lettering. These cards are of course wedding cards. I made them for bridesmaids, flower girls, maids of honour and the occasional bridesman and chief bridesmaid. They came in two versions, 'will you be' and 'thank you for being' and come in a choice of 3 colours. I think that it's fair to say these are my most favourite cards to date.

Here is an example of the cards and the original drawing that they came from. It's always really handy to have the original drawing on the computer too, so that you can use it for reference, or, like me, use it to draw over.

It would seem that all that hard work is beginning to pay off because something super exciting has happened. A lovely lady contacted me to let me know that my bridesmaid card had been featured in You & Your Wedding magazine. As you can imagine I was absolutely over the moon. Not only was it nice to be seen in print next some amazing people that I am huge fans, but it gave me a much needed confidence boost for the end of the week. I am now going to put that boost to good use and finish off some other card designs lying around on my desktop waiting for their time to shine. So there we are, there's the long winded way of telling you all about my little bit of happy for today.