There Is Something I've Been Meaning To Ask You...

I am so excited about these as they have been a long time in the making as I wanted to get them just right and I wasn't really sure if they would do very well. I have gone ahead and released my first batch of question scratchcards! 4 different options have been released into the wild so far. These are, will you be my bridesmaid, will you be my maid of honour and will you be my flower girl. The fourth, is a personalised option where you can write your own question, be it something simple (but nerve wracking) will you move in with me, right down to the wonderfully life changing, will you marry me?

Everything on the card was drawn by hand and then scanned, and redrawn digitally (all but the actual question as I need to edit that quickly). As you may already know, I love drawing flowers so jumped at the chance to add a few more to my collection. The 'there is something' text was also previously hand drawn from my original wedding cards. So you can be rest assured that no one else has any of the elements from these cards. The image below was a quick snap that I made to show my Facebook likers how close my artwork was to the original drawing and to share a little bit of my design process.

I wanted to make sure that I didn't use EXACTLY the same colour palette as my previous bridesmaid style cards and in doing so, I created 5 new ones! These cards are available in grey & pink, mint green & pink, baby blue & pink, purple & pink and orange & pink! Personally the grey and mint are my current favourites!

If you would like to know a bit more about these or have a look at the other colours and options on offer then feel free to have a browse of my Etsy store. These can easily be located in the 'cards' section should you want super quick access. I hope you like them!