Colour Saturday

Recently, I took part in's Colour Saturday, where small businesses were celebrated for the colour they bring to Christmas across the UK and Ireland. We were invited to take part and were all sent a box of goodies. Inside this box was lots of blue shredded paper (which I may have kept, even though I don't need it), some chocolate pills, some party hats, a colour saturday cookie and the best of all, a confetti pop!

Needless to say I had some great fun with the confetti pop and created plenty of colourful photos.

I wouldn't be Joanne if I didn't add an animal of some kind to one of the out takes either...

Those polar bears seem to be popping up all over the place lately. Anyway, a couple days later I thought that was the end of the it, a lovely little bit of community fun over on social media, but oh no, the excitement started all over again! My face and the cheeky bear only popped up not once, but twice in the Metro newspaper!

If you want to see what others got up to just use the hashtag #coloursaturday over on instagram to search and take a look.