#MeetTheMakerWeek Free Planner

As I'm someone who likes to plan well in advance, I have made another little planner for the #MeetTheMakerWeek challenge too. A number of people asked about certain prompts last time so, on this version I have elaborated a little on the planner and have made a list below to help out. I've also made a small list of useful apps and some hashtag suggestions as well.

To download this free planner, simply click here and then download or save for later. I've printed mine off and have already started scribbling on it. I hope it helps!

The prompts - remember, you don't have to get all of these questions into the photo. Make good use of the caption space to also tell your story. Choose a photo that will pull people in and want to know more.

Monday 28th  - Brand
Logo, Business name or Brand image - so that people can get familiar with your brand
Where are you based - are you local to any of your followers and they might not have even realised?
What do you make? - and is it giftable for Christmas?
How did it start & what is your story? - everyone loves a good story. How did it begin? Was it a hobby that slowly progressed into a business? Was it by complete chance? Did you just decide to quit your job, take your chance and just go for it?

Tuesday 29th - You 
Who is the face/s behind the team? - Are you doing it solo? (if so, high five to you) Do you have a small team? It's nice to see the person or people running the show and to show customers that you're not some big faceless corporation.
Who does what? - What is your role? Do you do it all? Or do you have a team where you split the jobs and people have a certain expertise in each area? Designer, maker, accounts, packing etc.
Introductions - Introduce yourself and/or your team. Who are you? Maybe a quick line or two on what you like or don't like? Just so we can get to know you a little better.

Wednesday 30th - Your Space
Workspace, premises, office - the general area where you spend the most time working on your business.
Where do you work? - Do you work from the kitchen table? Do you have a sewing room? Maybe you have a studio in your garden? Or do you have a nice spacious office or studio somewhere?
What does your creative space look like? -  Is it tidy? Is it in a big creative mess? How is it decorated? 

Thursday 1st - In action
In action - you or team in action, making, designing or packing etc. Give a feel of day to day life.
How is it made? - You could show how something is made, or if that's top secret just a small aspect of how something is made. Or perhaps the machinery, tech or tools that are used to create your goods.
Is it handmade? - If so, let's see you in action. 
Hyperlapse opportunity? - This is a great opportunity to have a play around with an app called hyperlapse. Simply set your phone to record mode and film yourself doing a task, such as packing orders or making something. Don't worry how long it takes because you can always cut it down later. Once you've got your recording, play with the speeds to either speed it up super fast or slow it down super slow. It's good fun to play with and this could be a fun way to show how your studio works.

Friday 2nd - Customers
Who are your customers? - Are they online? Are they at craft shows? Do you have a bricks and mortar shop? Are they mums or parents? Are they other small businesses? Are they people buying gifts for friends or treats for themselves?
Make the most of the #FeedbackFriday hashtag, what do your customers say about you? - Take some of your best feedback from customers and spread the positive things said about you, your company and your product. Be proud about the service or products you provide. Don't be shy! It's your time to shine so dig out those glowing reviews!

Saturday 3rd - Sell yourself
Where can people buy your goods? - Do you sell online? Are you stocked in any local shops? Are you attending any local craft fairs in the run up to Christmas? Where can people find you and your products or service?
Shop local, shop small - Today is all about shopping local and shopping small. Perhaps re-emphasize that you're a small business, where you are from and if you'll be buying from small companies in the run up to Christmas.
Why should they buy from you? - Why should people shop with you? What sets you apart from everyone else? Do you have a unique selling point?
This day is also all about Small Business Saturday. To find out a little more about their aims, other small businesses and how you can join in, click here.

I hope that helped a little and that you enjoy this little challenge. I can't wait to see your posts!


At the end of #MarchMeetTheMaker earlier this year I promised that I would make a shorter, week long version later in the year and here I am keeping that promise. 

This Instagram, photo challenge is 6 days long and is aptly named #MeetTheMakerWeek. This challenge has been deliberately planned to help you tell your small business story to potential new customers in the run up to Christmas. 

The challenge will kick off on the 28th November and end on the 3rd of December 2016. Like last time, there will be a free downloadable, printable planner sheet to help you to plan your posts in advance of the challenge beginning, (see next post!) as I know that this is a very busy and important time of year for us small designer makers. Also in the next post with the planner, will be more detail of what each daily prompt is about. I look forward to seeing everyone's posts and learning about lots of small businesses!

If you would like to download your own copy of this prompt list, you can do so by clicking here and clicking download on the next page.

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