Scratchcards & Secret Messages

A card designed especially for mums on their birthday, mother's day or just because you want to send them a her a heartfelt message, a surprise announcement or a special gift. This is also available for stepmums.

Over the year added a whole host of scratch cards to my range (and I'm still adding to it!) and they are still by far my most favourite thing to make. Some of them offer standard messages such as 'will you be my bridesmaid', but some of them are designed to hold much bigger questions or surprises. Since I've been making these, I have written messages for gifts of gig tickets and experiences, to trips to visit Father Christmas in Lapland and even a number of marriage proposals. I just wish I could see peoples faces as they scratch off to reveal their surprises, gifts, secret messages and proposals.

Let me take a moment to introduce you to my 'write your own' range.

These are part of my wedding range where you can create a character to look like yourself to ask your friends if they will be your Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour, Flower Girl or any other role within your wedding party. You have a choice of writing the message yourself or having one printed so these can say whatever you need them to say giving you much more freedom when it comes to asking your nearest and dearest to play a special part in your day.

These are probably one of my most favourites to make at the moment because they feature either a cute little rabbit or polar bear. They're not just for asking people to be Godparents, Godmothers, or Godfathers though! They can also be used as baby announcements, for telling your parents that they're going to be Grandparents, surprising your best friend with the news or even letting your first born child know that they're going to become a big brother or a big sister. They're also perfect for surprising a mother to be with a baby shower! There are so many possibilities with this one!

This one was designed with Valentine's in mind, but as there is no mention of Valentine's anywhere on the card, it can be used for anniversaries, birthdays or just days when you want to send your favourite human a special message or gift. I love the happy faces of these two little love birds.

I've been dying to do some black and white line art for such a long time that I decided my newest botanical range would be black and white with the splash of gold for the scratch off section. There is a hint of colour too, (very pale pastels) but that is hidden until the panel is scratched off. This too is a multipurpose card. Like the image suggests, it can be used to ask Bridesmaids and Maid of Honours to take part in your wedding, but it can also be used as a wedding proposal or to ask someone to be your witness on your big day. Aside from all the weddingy things it can also be used as a more classy gift card, birthday card or secret message card.

The best thing about my 'write your own' range is that you do just that. You can opt to hand write your message yourself so that it is properly a personal experience for you and the recipient or I can print the message for you, the choice is yours. The questions, gifts, surprises and announcements are endless! Should you want to write a special message to someone special then all of the above plus more are available in my Etsy shop. I hope you enjoy them as much as I like making them.