20 Things About Me

Recently, a '20 things about me' quiz has been doing the rounds on Instagram and I was kindly tagged by Joanna from Adventures and Tea Parties. So, if you want to know 20 random facts about me, then do read on.

  1. I've lived in Somerset my whole life... except for that time I moved to Cardiff for 3 years to go to University to study BA Graphic Communication.
  2. I really dislike driving. Traffic lights make me feel really anxious as does going to new places.
  3. My little car is called Bug
  4. Public transport also makes me anxious.
  5. I'm nearly always early for everything.
  6. I'm growing my hair for charity. It’s really annoying and I want to chop it off now, but I also want it a bit longer. Gah!
  7. I pull funny concentration faces.
  8. I try to visit a new country every year.
  9. I am exceptionally good at killing house plants.
  10. I regret not doing French at A-Level but I could only choose 4 so Business, Fine Art, Product Design and Geography won.
  11. We’re getting a rescue dog soon (once we’ve redecorated the hall) and I can't wait!
  12. I'm always cold and my feet are often numb.
  13. I am obsessed with Disney’s Moana at the moment and can’t get enough of it.
  14. Not a day goes by where I don't speak to my online business friends, Tanya (from Tanya Garfield Jewellery) and Becka (from Becka Griffin Illustration).
  15. I find it easier to talk to animals and bugs than I do new humans. I talk to all of my neighbours cats (the partially blind one is my favourite) and the spiders in my downstairs toilet (Pirate and Rayna). Sadly, Lanky got squashed by someone.
  16. I'm very shy, nervous, don't know what to say to new people and can find social situations a bit awkward. (A lot of people couldn't believe this one!)
  17. I swear a lot.
  18. I always get searched at the airport. I must have a dodgy face or something. Or just bad luck.
  19. I get a headache if I don’t drink at least one cup of tea a day.
  20. If I was allowed, I’d paint our entire house yellow.

So there we are! 20 random things about me. If you haven't been tagged yet, why not give it a go?