Insta Plan - Free Planner

So far this month, I've found it really difficult to come up with daily content because I've been so busy with one thing or another. I know this isn't the best way to create great Instagram content because stressed and rush work isn't our best work. And so, I've tried to sort myself out by planning ahead and updated my planner from April to help me work out what I want to post on my grid and story, and when I want to post it. I hope to set aside some time to fully complete it and get at least a weeks worth of content in the bag, because, I'm only going to get busier!

If you think this could help you in anyway, I've added it as a free download, to help you keep on top of your content and plan for June. Like April, there is a list of ideas for content and some hashtags to help you along the way. If you'd like your free download, simply click here to be taken to the planner and hit save or print!

If you do use it and happen to share it on Instagram, I'd love to see it in its new habitat! Simply tag me @joannehawker so I can pop over and have a nosey :)